Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Good evening the world

Hello big world.

I am new to this blogging lark but it looks like it's gonna be fun!!!

Here's of pic of me playing with my band - looks like C m7 from this angle?!?!?!



Blogger Jacob said...

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5:53 PM  
Blogger ADAM said...

Hello Steve!

Thanks for looking in at mi blog. As to your question about parking up and walking? Well..the answer to that is I don't know where you would park?. As far as I can make out the gig is going to be at 'The Boathouse'. If this is the case then if you park up and walk down to the river you will come across a place called 'The Embankment'.Look for an arched white footbridge and cross over. The boathouse is just on the other side.

All the best!


7:34 AM  
Blogger ADAM said...


If you go on the net put in

In the 'place/post code search' put in


Although this is Pete's publishing address the map shows you all you need to know about parking etc. If you look it even shows you the footbridge!(FB bottom left). I 'think' that's where the studio is. Put it this way...that's where I'm heading for!

See you there!


8:47 AM  
Blogger Steve H said...

Thanks Adam

12:33 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Hey Steve, NICE GUITAR!!!

I love Rickenbackers. I was promised one in exchange for moving from the UK to USA, when we got here my old man freaked out at how much they cost and bought me a cheap immitation telecaster.. I saved up and bought my Rick myself.

Meeting The Jam. We lived near Woking, Aldershot to be precise. So, when they would play, we would go to the venue early to see the sound check. They were always very good with their fans. So, I met them at sound checks, which i remember vividly. I really looked up to Paul Weller when I was younger because his songs spoke to me, they really identified with British youth. Shortly before they moved to America, I heard a rumor that they would be playing at Sheerwater Youth Club in Woking, so alone I boarded a train and went without a ticket and yes, there was a gig and yes, I got in, and yes, I stood in front row. Weller was drunk. He got a bit frustrated with things and whacked the neck of his white Rickenbacker against his mic stand, snapping it in two. They took the guitar off him and handed him a Gibson for the rest of the show. Got to say my goodbyes to Bruce and Rick, then moved to California 4 weeks later.

Then when Trans Global Unity Express tour happened, I got tickets to all three nights at Perkins Palace and went to the sound checks and you guessed it, got to see them again and they actually remembered me from back home. Yes, I loved The Jam and The Who. The Who of course being the reason why I started playing guitar very young.

Do you have any demos of your band? I'd love to hear your sounds.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Steve H said...


Former Jam drummer Rick Buckler is starting a tribute band - to himself.

The sticksman in the new wave three-piece is set to play in The Jam covers group The Gift.

Named after his original band's final album, The Gift Featuring Rick Buckler Of The Jam are playing the Islington Carling Academy on November 23 and are planning a 2006 UK tour.

"The title of the band is both a nod towards the last Jam album and Rick's gift in return to all Jam fans," Buckler's spokesperson told Ananova. "The Gift are both proud and excited about going out and playing The Jam's back catalogue."

The other members of The Jam are also busy at present, Paul Weller has just released album 'As Is Now', while bassist Bruce Foxton plays with Stiff Little Fingers.

For ticket availability for The Gift, go to NME Tickets or call them on 0870 1 663 663.

9:01 PM  

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