Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Can't keep a good man down

The Gift are the powerful band featuring Rick Buckler on drums, Russell Hastings on guitar/vocals, and Dave Moore on bass. Rick wanted to take a band out on the road to thank all of his fans for their continued support and love towards The Jam. The title of the band is both a nod towards the last Jam album and Rick's gift in return to all Jam fan's.

Such is the historic importance of these gigs, that Rick and the band have gained sponsorship from Ludwig Drums, Lonsdale Clothing, Merc Clothing, Picato Strings, and All Mod Icon fanzine.

The band played their first sell out gig on Saturday 17th September at The Brook in Southampton, to an emotional and ecstatic crowd, Rick was also clearly enjoying himself from behind his kit singing away to the odd song, and proving that he is still a phenominal drummer. Support was provided by Pope which featured ex members of The Chords, Pope played an exceptional set to an approving audience.

The Gift chose to play their second gig on Friday 7th October for the Midhurst Detours Scooter Clubs end of season do, another stunning gig which was played to a rapturous audiance at the Gordon Center in Bognor Regis. If you weren't at the sold out gig, you missed a tremendous evening, and you really must catch them at the Islington Academy on the 23rd November! The band are definitely getting tighter as they get use to playing together, and were cooking on gas! Rick was sat behind his stunning new white kit supplied by legendary drum manufacturer Ludwig. The sound at the gig was just incredible, the band played hard, drawing out every bit of energy that they could muster, to an equally energetic crowd.

The Gift are both proud and excited about going out and playing The Jam's back catalogue, and if your lucky, you might even get to meet the man himself, Rick Buckler!


Blogger Gary said...

Hi Steve,
thanks for the info on Rick's new band. It's great to see he's back to playing. I heard he had a few bands after The Jam split up. A real nice bloke.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Justin Kreutzmann said...

that sounds cool. always wonderful to hear people are doing great things.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Shauns Amazing Journey project said...

I got to meet The Jam in 1982 just before their gig at The Bingley hall in Birmingham. They were all having drinks at the bar in the Holiday inn and i got my ticket signed by them all. For me as 12 year old mod it was a dream come true. I was with my brother in law who was 18 at the time and he used to travel all over the country to see them play. Great memories of a great era.

4:24 PM  
Blogger ADAM said...

Hello Steve,

The Jam...yes. I'm showing my age now but I saw them 4 times back in the late 70s. A bloody great band !. I have a very fond memory of getting into a sell out gig by being hoisted up horizontally by a group of friends and then slid through a toilet window that must have been no more than 18 inches square at Huddersfield Poly ! Ahhhhh....happy days!
I got to see Ricks band play in a pub in Leeds many years ago...'TIME UK' I think?
It's good to see him behind a drum kit once more. The last I heard he was restoring old furniture for a living.


9:04 AM  
Blogger rachel fuller said...

hey steve, hows it going! Sorry to have deleted your last entry but i think we must ignore this guy, he sounds like a complete nutter.
Stay well!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Hi Steve, thanks for nice comments. Yes, I look on that web site every so often, but she's not listed. I wonder sometimes if she is still alive, what ever happened to her etc. The last time I saw her was in 1985 on my last trip home, she came into a pub where I was having a drink but basically ignored me, a real shame that we couldn't just be friends. Who knows, maybe I'll bump into her when I'm home in December.

6:05 PM  
Blogger ADAM said...

just to let you know that the directions for the studio I gave you are wrong. Sorry! Try...



Ranelagh Drive.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Justin Kreutzmann said...

Whitefang...hummm, had forgotten about that guy.
When I was doing the Entwistle film John mentioned him and in not such a loving way. Guess Mr. Fang had been trying to stir up something with the Entwistle Band people.

3:30 PM  

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